Taktical Realty Group

From our humble beginnings in California and New York to the establishment of our headquarters in Dubai in 2013, TAKtical Internationalís network now spans 5 continents and a diversified range of investments including Real Estate, Healthcare, Hospitality and Industrial Projects.

Through TAKtical Reality Group, we offer our friends and network the ability to take advantages of the vast opportunities in Dubaiís real estate market. Being established since 2003 and during the time when the crisis affected many real estate companies, TAKtical Reality Group has been one of the best performers in the market. Its client base and its commitment to operate with honesty and integrity to provide services has been the driving force of all its efforts. TAKticalís caring attitude towards the customerís needs is the principle on which its reputation has been built.

The primary Objectives of our organization are to:
  • To work together to build good relationships with our customers and generate profit.
  • To offer a wide range of properties and real estate based investment opportunities.
  • To work closely in collaboration with leading developers, real estate agents and government bodies in Dubai.
  • To provide in-depth research, knowledge and experience in the Dubai property market but also in several international markets through its global network.
  • Recruit and hire a sales team who are self-motivated, success-oriented, and hardworking.
  • To specialize and identify properties in different areas of Dubai.